On the Royal Road Marionette Theatre Prague * Don Giovanni - marionette opera






Enjoy great Don Giovanni Marionette opera performance combined with shadow theatre!


Don Giovanni, the "opera of operas" composed by Mozart in Prague and especially for Prague, represents a fusion of comic and serious opera genres. It is a story of a rebel protesting against all divine and human orders, human longing for eternity and the never fulfilled search for love.

In our theatre we use of all means of classic puppet theater in order to fully satisfy the poetic character of Mozart 's style.

Variations on puppet techniques enable a variability of scenes that attract spectators' attention and make for various styles of puppet performance, full of creative inventiveness. 
First, there are flat figures of orchestra musicians, then shadow theater; "javajka "puppets, marionettes and finally tiny puppets in a scene when Don Giovanni and Leporello encounter Komtur and become tiny human insects.

In Don Giovanni Mozart incorporated all possibilities of the music theater of his times.


On one hand, there are lovely arias, which have almost a character of popular songs, and on the other, there are dramatic and passionate parts. Mozart 's music represented the peak of the opera style of its time and at the same time it became a model of new dramatic music theater in the future. The fact that this work was composed for Prague demonstrates how Mozart appreciated and loved Prague and its cultural life. 

Please note the concert has no intermission.

Marionette theatre is a tradition in the Czech Republic and there are several puppet theatres in Prague.