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Black Light Theatre

(in Czech černé divadlo) or simply Black Theatre, is a theatrical performance style characterized by the use of black box theatre augmented by black light illusion. This form of theatre originated from Asia and can be found in many places around the world. It has become a speciality of Prague, where many theatres use it.

ABOUT THE GROUP "HILT" black light theatre

  • Black light theatre is special kind of theatre based in Czech republic (Prague).
  • All the performance is about magic. Actors and everything around them is flying, appearing and disappearing and breaking physical rules.
  • This we make with our special theatre technic based on „UV effect“, dark, special colors and „black actors"
  • Our group have grown up from blacklight artists with experiences from all theatres in Prague. Idea was to put all the powers together and use our different experiences in one group all together.
  • We have experiences with making blacklight performances all over the world (Slovakia, Poland, Ecuador, Malta, India, Greece, Germany).
Independent blacklight theatre group H.I.L.T. was growing up for years. All the actors around this group worked for years in blacklight projects all over the Prague, that is the home place of this theatre style.
Its members experiences are not only in Prague, but much around all countries all over the world. Blacklight theatre is Czech speciality often invited by foreign countries what gave us experiences with work in different theatre conditions and cultures.
Everything has started years ago with small projects. All of us worked for different show in Prague but our connection was everytime stronger. One day we have decided to built the group. My idea was existing for years, now it has started to come true.   I still see the table in Prague´s restaurant „Václavka“, me sitting alone there with a paper in front of me that was empty and in few hours full of ideas about new show. It was summer 2006.
Before the show was ready, we were invited by India´s part of agency Ogilvy to perform in New Delhi their promotion evening for Motorola. Few weeks we have worked on their script and in August 2007 our group first time appeared on the stage as H.I.L.T.
After I came back from Ecuador (South America) with other theatre production and the rest of H.I.L.T. has arrived from New Delhi we have started to work on the new show. DRB – Czech theatre production was interested to take my show into their repertoire. As this is theatre of Czech legend actor, we had to perform the show under the name DRB and show was called Magic Light Show.
10.1. 2009 we had the world premiere of blacklight theatre The Painted World – during festival Bharat Rang Mahotsav in India / New Delhi, Czech premiere of this show was on 19th March in Ostrava.
"Since I know black light theatre my life has changed into the magic that it gives..." Theodor


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