Porsche Taycan Shanghai | HILT black light theatre Prague

What an exciting opportunity! Theodor Hoidekr and Kisa Císařová, renowned director and assistant from the HILT black light theatre in Prague, have been selected to helm the gala evening world premiere of the Porsche Taycan model in Shanghai, China. This marks a unique collaboration between the world of theatre and the automotive industry, showcasing the duo's creativity and versatility in a new and innovative context.


The whole world is experiencing the birth of the new Porsche Taycan electric car. However, no one knows that the opening magic show that took place on September 6, 2019 in China at the unveiling of this model, is an artistic achievement of the Czechs.
It all started when our black theater approached Zen Zhong and his agency SeasonOnStage from China. They didn't want the whole file from us. They only needed a director and a choreographer for their dancers. I did not hesitate to reach out to my longtime colleague, dancer, choreographer, TV reporter and fitness trainer, Kisa Pivodová (now Kisa Císařová).

We sent our CVs, reviews of our experience and waited for the Chinese agency and the entire Porsche dealership to decide. Among the applicants, after 14 days of waiting, they chose HILT Prague and the two of us as director and choreographer! It was happy news. However, when they sent us the dates when we should fly to Shanghai, it came out within a week after the life event - the wedding of Kisa and Jirka. Kisu had endless working days to cram her duties ahead of time, which she did. And I kind of had to work together on a pre-given script after nights, even after our performances in Prague at the U Valšů Theater. Kisa and I barely slept that month. In addition to our work, we created choreography plans, space plans and the realization of everything that was scripted. Due to the 6 hour time difference between Prague and Shanghai, our night was a Shanghai day.

The day of departure came and I had the feeling that I knew Zen Zhong personally from those days of international calls of several hours and working on the script. It occurred to me that our hotel is called "JI" because it sounds typically Chinese. At the same time, I asked Kisa to fly to Shanghai for a week with a colleague from the theater immediately after the honeymoon. And so we got on the plane to Helsinki, where there was a violation. We were scared that we only had 45 minutes to connect, but we trusted that the airline knew what they were doing and what tickets they had issued us.Theo a Kisa na letisti

Theo and Kisa at the airport