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No language barriers

This unique theatre genre combines elements of dance, mime, and visual effects to create a mesmerizing experience for all spectators. The success of HILT lies in its ability to transcend language barriers and appeal to a diverse range of audiences.

Magic Phantom Comedy

HILT black light theatre Prague has been captivating audiences all over the world with their mesmerizing show "Magic Phantom Comedy". Under the direction of Theodor Hoidekr, this renowned theatre has gained international success, recently selling out Teatro Nacional in Guatemala. Their unique blend of black light techniques and comedy has earned them two prestigious awards at the World Theatre Olympics 2018 in India.

Theodor Hoidekr - black light dream came true

As a child, Hoidekr dreamed of one day having his own theatre where he could bring his creative ideas to life. This dream became a reality when he opened his own theatre, showcasing his unique and innovative productions to audiences around the world.

HILT - the complete STORY

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